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Descriptions¡¬Model WTNS-SS1300 WTNS-SS1500 WTNS-SS1700 WTNS-SS1900 WTNS-SS2100 WTNS-SS2500
Max.Sheet Size 1,000¡¿1,300mm 1,100¡¿1,500mm 1,200¡¿1,700mm 1,300¡¿1,900mm 1,500¡¿2,100mm 1,700¡¿2,500mm
Min.Sheet Size 500¡¿650mm 550¡¿750mm 600¡¿850mm 650¡¿950mm 750¡¿1,050mm 850¡¿1,250mm
Max.Cutting Size 970¡¿1,270mm 1,070¡¿1,470mm 1,170¡¿1,670mm 1,270¡¿1,870mm 1,470¡¿2,070mm 1,670¡¿2,470mm
Operation Pressure 300Tons 350Tons 400Tons 450Tons 500Tons 550Tons
Max.Speed 3,900S/H 3,800S/H 3,600S/H 2,700S/H 2,100S/H 1,800S/H
Sheet Thickness 1-10mm, Corrugated Board B, A, AB, E-Flute
Electrical power 11kw 14kw 18kw 24kw 27kw 35kw

• Feeding unit
- Supplementary device to help efficient feeding work.
- Enable to smoothly feed even the sheet in heavily twisted and warped condition by adapting the spike transfer system with good workability.
- Increase the workability by installing a camera on the stripping part of the delivery and stripping unit and installing a monitor on the feed unit.
• Diecutting unit
- Improve the flatness of the moving table in cutting to perform easy leveling(taping) work, accordingly assuring good product quality.
- The system employs the hard chase and cutting plate that enhances mechanical durability.
- The system is equipped with chase-arm to ease insertion and separation.
• Stripping unit
- The system is equipped with a full stripping system that increase accuracy, versatility and efficiency.
- Possibly incease the work efficiency up to four times better than manual work.
- Pin-type stripping device that can be combined with current method applying the existing upper/lower dieboard.
• Delivery unit
- Comfortable device for workers.
- Supplementary device for automatic load of sheet, arrangement, automatic drop, tape insertion, etc.
- With an auto conveyer, this unit can output in the specific number of sheet.
- Stripping device of gripper margin that can be mounted on the WTNS type.
• Double Stripping System
- It's possible for removal the leading part of sheet completely.
- It's no necessary to use the hammer or other tools in order to remove the leading part of sheet.
• Touch Screen Monitor
- When a failure occurs in the devices, this monitor will display both the failure and actions to be taken on the screen.
- Install the monitor in an appropriate place, considering the moving range of workers.
- Attach a camera, a monitor and a touch screen to provide an easy view on work circumstances of the devlivery unit and the stripping unit.(Optional item)

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